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Reisterstown Auto Accidents and Chronic Pain

Reisterstown auto injury pain treatmentIf you live in Reisterstown and you've been in a motor vehicle accident, you need to know that you don't have to suffer from chronic symptoms.

We work with many auto injury patients in our Reisterstown office, and many of these folks are experiencing chronic pain caused by an old collision. As a matter of fact, research shows that a significant percentage of rear-end accidents lead to pain and disability even ten years after the original injury.

Active Spinal Care is here to help you avoid developing chronic symptoms by helping to restore the natural function of your spine soon after a collision.

The most common causes of chronic pain are reduced flexibility of your spinal column and the development of scar tissue in your spine. The ligaments of your spine can easily be harmed during a collision, and chiropractic works by reducing inflammation and restoring normal movement.

If you're close to our Reisterstown office, and you've been injured in a collision, don't wait to get attention. Active Spinal Care is here for you. Give us a call today at (410) 833-8877 for an appointment or for more information.


Reisterstown TMJ Pain and Auto Injury

Reisterstown TMJ Treatment by Active Spinal CareJaw pain is a fairly common condition experienced by people after a car wreck, and it can be challenging for some doctors to diagnose the source of the problem. Complicating the matter, very often you won't experience TMJ symptoms until many weeks or months after a crash.

Active Spinal Care has treated many men and women with jaw pain after an injury, and the scientific research explains what triggers these types of symptoms. During a collision, the tissues in your spine are oftentimes stretched or torn, causing ligament, muscle, or nerve injury. This can clearly cause pain in the neck and back, but since your nervous system is one functioning unit, irritation of the nerves can cause issues in other parts of your body.

For example, with radicular pain, irritation of a nerve can cause prickling or pins and needles in the arm and hand. Similarly, it can affect parts of your body above the injured tissues, like your head and jaw. Headaches after a crash are very common because of neck injury, and the TMJ works the same way. Active Spinal Care sees this very commonly in our Reisterstown office.

Studies have shown that the source of many jaw or TMJ symptoms starts in the cervical spine and that treatment of the underlying neck problem can resolve the secondary headaches or jaw symptoms. The secret to dealing with these symptoms is simple: Active Spinal Care will work to return your spinal column back to health, reducing the inflammatory reaction, treating the injured tissues, and removing the irritation to the nerves in your spine.

Active Spinal Care finds that jaw and headache symptoms often resolve once we return your spine to its healthy state.

If you live in Reisterstown and you've been hurt in a crash, Active Spinal Care can help. We've been working with auto injury patients since 2001, and we can probably help you, too. Give our office a call today at (410) 833-8877 for an appointment.

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Prevent Back Surgery with Chiropractic

Every year, over 500,000 people have back surgery in the US. Although sometimes it's necessary to have back surgery, the fact is that if you can avoid this type of invasive procedure, you're often better off.

Active Spinal Care is here to make sure that people in Reisterstown have a natural, non-surgical option for back problems. We've helped many people recover from back pain without the need for surgery.

There are many reasons to avoid unnecessary medical procedures: Surgeries often result in a longer recovery time and additional complications, neither of which is a desirable scenario. Fortunately, as one study has found, chiropractic adjustments may actually keep you off the surgeon's table completely.

In this report, 1,885 workers with back injuries were evaluated over a three year period. When the workers first sought treatment with a surgeon, over 42 percent ended up having back surgery. For patients who saw only a chiropractor, only 1.5 percent had surgery!

These findings suggest that chiropractic care can help you recover from back pain without surgical treatments.

If you live in the Reisterstown area, Active Spinal Care can probably help you with your back pain. Give our office a call today at (410) 833-8877 for more information or an appointment.

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Chiropractic Has 94% Success Rate for Neck Pain

Reisterstown chiropractic neck pain treatmentAccording to The American Academy of Pain Medicine, more people in the US suffer with chronic pain than diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, and cancer combined. Furthermore, neck pain is the third most reported type of pain, beat out only by back problems and headache.

Of course, many patients come to our Reisterstown office looking for neck pain treatment, and Active Spinal Care has helped many of them find relief. This is a smart decision, as some research shows that over 90 percent of neck pain patients improve with chiropractic care.

Studies Confirm Chiropractic Works

A report published in The Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy involved 64 individuals who were suffering with neck pain. Approximately half were placed in an experimental group and the other half were designated to a comparison group. Both received chiropractic adjustments of the neck as well as a home exercise program, while the experimental group also received adjustments of the thoracic spine.

Information was gathered before treatment began and one week post-treatment. Researchers found that 94 percent of the experimental group reported "significantly greater improvements" in regard to pain and disability in their neck symptoms. Just 35% of the individuals who received neck adjustments showed the same level of improvement, showing that evaluating the entire spine is an important part of restoring the body's normal function.

One more study posted in Physical Therapy involved 60 individuals between the ages of 18 and 60 who reported suffering with neck pain. Each man or woman was randomly assigned to one of two groups--thoracic spine thrust manipulation or non-thrust manipulation--with follow-up exams occurring two and four days after the adjustments.

The investigators found that the study participants who received the thrust manipulations (the same adjustments that offered such positive results in the first study) "experienced greater reductions in disability" than the patients who received the non-thrust manipulations. Their pain was lower as well, which shows that this type of approach offers many benefits.

Chiropractic Even Offers Benefits After Failed Neck Surgery

Another study found the same sort of positive results after thoracic adjustments in a patient who had a failed neck surgery. This specific case involved a 46-year-old patient who had recently had neck surgery but still endured neck pain, headaches, pain in her elbow, and muscle fatigue.

The patient documented decreased pain in her neck and lower headache intensity, immediately after the first chiropractic adjustments. After six weeks of care, which involved chiropractic, exercise, and patient education, the patient still placed her pain at a zero on a scale of 1 to 10. Her neck disability reduced as well, with a rating score that represented that it was a "great deal better."

It is studies like these that prove the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments, even if you've already attempted medical procedures that didn't provide relief. So, if you are dealing with neck discomfort and would like to find a remedy that has a high success rate, try chiropractic. It may just be the help you're looking for.

We're located in Reisterstown and Active Spinal Care can help you recover from neck pain. Give us a call today at (410) 833-8877.


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Reisterstown Neck Pain and Car Accidents

Neck pain is a common symptom after a car accident, and it's something that Active Spinal Care sees often in our Reisterstown office. Chiropractic care is a great way to treat neck pain. Let's look at how neck pain is caused by a crash and how Active Spinal Care can help you.

Your neck is exposed to very high stresses and strains during a crash, so it's not surprising that neck pain is so common from this type of injury. During even a low speed collision, your head is subjected to very rapid acceleration. In such crashes, a head that normally weighs about 10 pounds can suddenly weigh eight times as much. This force exerts a serious strain on the tissues of the neck. The bones of your spine are held together with strong bands of tissue called ligaments, and these ligaments provide stability for your neck. These ligaments can be sprained during a wreck, just as your ankle ligaments can be sprained. A sprain means that the ligament is stretched or torn.

When you experience a sprained ligament, the injured area become swollen and sore, and that's what occurs after a car crash. Your chiropractor helps by increasing flexibility in the injured region, which helps the tissues heal and helps decrease scar tissue.

Active Spinal Care has been helping patients in Reisterstown since 2001, so we know what you're living with. We're here to help you, too. The first step is to get an accurate diagnosis to determine what's causing your pain and then we will determine an appropriate treatment plan of action. Ready to make an appointment? Give us a call at (410) 833-8877 and we'll get you back on the road to health.


Avoid Back Surgery With Chiropractic

Reisterstown chiropractic back pain treatmentIn our Reisterstown practice, we see many people who are struggling with back pain, and a few of these folks have been informed they might need surgery to recover. Thankfully, Active Spinal Care has helped many people get pain relief without the need for any type of operation. The scientific literature agrees with the success we see in our office. One study published in the academic journal Spine found that seeing a chiropractor as your first step in overcoming with your back pain may actually keep you out of the operating room.

In this scientific study, medical experts from Dartmouth reviewed data from 1,885 workers from the state of Washington who first saw either a surgeon or a chiropractic doctor for their low back issues. They then looked at three years' worth of follow-up medical records to find out whether the patients wound up having back surgery in an attempt to correct the issue.

What the researchers found was that 42.7% of the men and women who first consulted with a surgeon for their back issues ended up with surgery in that 3-year time frame, whereas only 1.5 percent of those who first consulted with a chiropractor had the same fate. The authors wrote:

"Even after controlling for injury severity and other measures, workers with an initial visit for the injury to a surgeon had almost nine times the odds of receiving lumbar spine surgery compared to those seeing primary care providers, whereas workers whose first visit was to a chiropractor had significantly lower odds of surgery."

These are impressive outcomes. Seeing a chiropractor considerably reduces your odds of having back surgery, plus the chiropractic patients in this report "had lower odds of chronic work disability" and they also had fewer expensive MRI tests.

Let's also keep in mind this important point: this study was carried out by orthopedic surgeons from Dartmouth College, and published in the world's most prestigious medical publication on spinal injuries.

Why You Should Avoid Surgery

Any surgery has risks, but a serious problem linked to spine surgery is that there's a very high failure rate. In an important analysis in the European Spine Journal, researchers wrote:

"Failed back surgery is a problem that has become sufficiently widespread to even warrant its own special conferences, with recent reviews reporting failure rates ranging from 5 to 50%."

The experts in this same study concluded:

"It is extremely difficult to identify unequivocal predictor factors that can be used to accurately predict the outcome of surgery."

As a chiropractor, Active Spinal Care believes that surgery should be the absolute last choice for treating back pain. Chiropractic care works to restore your spine to its normal function--without risky surgery or drugs--and many studies have documented the effectiveness of chiropractic for back pain.

If you live in Reisterstown and you need relief for your back pain, give our office a call today at (410) 833-8877 for a consultation or an appointment. We'll help get you back on the road to a pain-free life!


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Reisterstown, MD Auto Injury Relief

No one plans to get in a car accident, but sometimes life surprises you, leaving you with new injuries and pain. Fortunately, you can plan how you deal with the situation: a few visits to your Reisterstown, MD chiropractor, Dr. Bache, can enable you to fix the symptoms.

Common Auto Injury Symptoms

Despite the fact that many of injuries can happen as a result of a motor vehicle accident, some of the most frequent include whiplash (which can produce pain in the neck and head); disc herniations (leading to back pain, sciatica, or neck pain); and misalignment of your spine. All have the ability to severely limit your ability to complete daily activities free of pain and discomfort.


The Chiropractic Solution

Dr. Bache is practiced in diagnosing and treating car accident injuries. After a careful analysis of your problem and personal history, he will establish the best plan for you individually. Treatment plans could include chiropractic adjustments, instrument-assisted adjustments, gentle soft tissue therapy, exercise rehab, and a variety of other non-invasive methods.

Whereas some health care professionals are concentrated primarily on treating the symptoms, Dr. Bache doesn't stop there. He concentrates on locating – and solving – the cause of the symptoms. He understands that the best relief is persistent, which is what he aims to do for his patients in the Reisterstown, MD area.



What If You Were Not Injured In the Car Crash?

Even if you don’t feel as if you were harmed in the accident, a visit to your chiropractor is encouraged. Some injuries cannot be felt straightaway, allowing them to worsen until someday down the road they are more challenging to treat.

Don’t allow that happen to you. Schedule an appointment with our office in Reisterstown, MD. Dr. Bache will check that everything is aligned so that you feel your very best today, tomorrow, and always!



Understanding Chiropractic

Although you may be aware of chiropractors, you may be unaware of what they do. You may be curious about why seeing your Reisterstown, MD chiropractor is a great idea. How can chiropractic help you?

Your Body is Like a Car

Perhaps the easiest way to describe chiropractic care is with the help of a car analogy. Owning a vehicle requires routine maintenance to make sure that it continues to run well. In addition to occasional check-ups, in some cases you may need to take it in for repair service, for example when a part starts to malfunction or after an accident.

This is not all that different with your body. Your health is best protected when you engage in proactive health care, but sometimes you have an accident (like a fall or an accident) and you should check in with a medical professional to get your body back in good shape.

One big difference between your car and your body though is that your car can be replaced. With your body, there's no going out to get a new one or exchange it after too much damage. So, keeping your body in pristine condition must be a key concern if you want it to look great and run smoothly well into your golden years.


How Your Reisterstown, MD Doctor of Chiropractic Can Ensure Your "Car" is in Good Condition

Because a chiropractor focuses on spinal health, receiving consistent care will help you to get and maintain superb health. It will lessen your risk of having back and neck pain that can negatively affect your quality of life. Chiropractic care also keeps your body running as smoothly as possible.

The spinal column houses your spinal cord which forms a connection between your brain and all of your organs, muscles, and tissues through the spinal nerves that branch out into all areas of the body. So, if you have a misaligned spine, other parts of the body can suffer. Since a spinal misalignment disrupts the central nervous system, other systems — like your digestive, respiratory, or reproductive systems — may be disturbed as well.

So make visits with your Reisterstown, MD doctor of chiropractic a top priority. Call (410) 833-8877 to arrange a consultation with Dr. Bache today. You'll be taken care of – whether you’re just in need of maintenance or need a repair!



Benefits of Consistent Chiropractic Care

The majority of people are aware that a chiropractor can help minimize back pain. However, there are some positive aspects of visiting your Reisterstown, MD chiropractor routinely that are less widely known. These advantages may just improve your life and overall well-being.

Benefits of chiropractic consist of:

  1. It encourages natural recovery. Whereas most other therapies involve the use of medications, surgical procedures, or injection therapy; chiropractic stimulates your body in treating itself naturally.

  2. It reduces kid's otitis media. A significant number of children endure regular ear infections, and are often given antibiotics. Some children experience a reduction in ear infections after receiving consistent chiropractic adjustments.

  3. It can boost your immunity. Studies indicate that chiropractic adjustments may lead to a down regulating of pro-inflammatory cytokines and an increase in antibodies linked to the immune response. Furthermore, chiropractic can boost the production of leukocytes that support the white blood cells in fending off disease.

  4. It can reduce digestive issues. If you have a challenging time with digestion, frequent chiropractic visits can often lessen symptoms.

  5. You get a better night's sleep. When you are not affected by neck or back pain, your standard of sleep gets better, helping you to feel more focused and full of energy.

  6. It can lower your blood pressure. When your spine is out of place, body functions -- like your blood pressure -- aren’t maintained properly, increasing your risk of these types of health issues.

  7. It can improve your balance. The more durable and healthy your spine is, the easier it is to balance, possibly preventing a personal injury due to poor balance like a slip and fall.


Enjoy these perks and more when you visit Dr. Bache in Reisterstown, MD. Call and arrange your next appointment now!


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Chiropractic Can Boost the Immune System

Most people know that chiropractic is an effective way to alleviate a number of pain conditions, but an increasing body of data indicates it can also improve our immune system.

In our office in Reisterstown, MD, we help people with both musculoskeletal problems and overall wellness.

Earlier research has shown that spinal adjustments can improve specific immune responses in both healthy participants and back pain patients. However there have been no major literature review articles of the overall effect of chiropractic on immunity. In a recent presentation at the 9th Chiropractic, Osteopathy, and Physiotherapy Annual Conference in the UK, Jack Neil of the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic analyzed the current research on spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) and immune responses.

After examining the research up to January 2012, Neil confirmed that spinal adjustments are associated with a central anti-inflammatory response. Research indicates that SMT may lead to a down regulating of pro-inflammatory cytokines and boost in antibodies involved in the immune response. In addition, SMT may enhance the creation of tiny cells called leukocytes which assist the white blood cells in fighting off a threat. SMT may also affect Natural Killer cells, interleukin-2 activity, TNF-a levels, cortisol, and b-endorphin levels.

The mechanics behind these processes are still unclear, however. There is not sufficient data yet to know whether these inflammatory improvements result in a reduction in symptoms. "Most research to date has focused on asymptomatic patients with short-term improvements. The challenge now is to clinically observe long-term health benefits in symptomatic patients," Neil concluded.

While more investigation is necessary, current evidence indicates that chiropractic adjustments can produce positive improvements in the immune system. These immunological changes may show us why chiropractic can decrease inflammation and pain while promoting overall health.